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FYEye: Quality of Life

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016


How would you rate your quality of life? Are you gliding through life without any symptoms or complications? Is reading a breeze? If you’re so lucky, then you might be thinking this is not the article for you… but wait! You may be experiencing difficulties in areas of your life that you may think are “normal” but are in fact side effects from a larger underlying problem. Possibly… a vision related problem. A problem that could be diagnosed and treated by one of our Binocular Vision experts!

All of our patients are quite interesting and have great stories to tell, but there are times, every now and then, when I am blown away and inspired by those sitting in my exam chair. A few months ago I came across such a patient and I would like to share his story. For HIPAA compliance reasons, we will call him “Z.”

Z is a 10 year old young man who came into the office for a routine eye exam. He is near sighted and was having a little bit of blurry vision when looking at the board in school. This is a common complaint and usually something that can be taken care of with a little update of his glasses. However, it was something that he mentioned to me nonchalantly during conversation that caught my ear. He said he had been experiencing frequent intermittent double vision for several years. Years!! Z felt that this was “normal” because he never knew any different; He did not have anything to compare his experience to. Can you imagine seeing double all day, every day?

I cannot describe how difficult it would be to acquire and process visual information efficiently and effectively. This remarkable young patient however, despite his symptoms, was a straight A student who loved to read. In fact, he excelled at it. It was his incredible love of reading, let me remind you that he is 10 years old, that led him to stumble upon a book in which one of the characters described double vision. It was then that he thought is this NOT normal? After letting his parents know, they decided it was time to see the optometrist. Z was diagnosed with a Convergence Insufficiency, a common binocular vision dysfunction found in many adult and school aged children.

I immediately knew that the Walesby Vision Center could change his life and help eliminate his double vision. He is now in phase 4 of vision therapy and he is making tremendous progress. Just the other day I was talking to Z and he told me that he rarely sees double anymore, that everything is so much better now. He also said that when he does see double, he can easily make things single again. That is exactly what we aim to accomplish here. We teach our patients the skills to overcome those difficult visual symptoms that they experience. Z was given a specific set of eyes and a specific set of capabilities, and we have enhanced those capabilities and will continue to do so. He will hone these techniques throughout his life and he will know how to use his visual system more efficiently throughout all of his academic endeavors. I can imagine that his academic career will be a great one!!

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Lao Tzu

So, again, I’ll ask you, how would you rate your quality of life? Are you experiencing something that may not be “normal” that you have learned to “deal with?” Maybe you are someone who loves reading but always gets headaches? Maybe you hate reading and always have but you aren’t sure why? Maybe your head tilts to one side and you’ve noticed it in pictures? Whatever it may be, no question is too small or too big for us to address. Take our Quality of Life assessment and see how you do. We may have the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had, and we may have the solution to change your life!! –Dr. S


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