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Our Practice

Walesby Vision Center has been, and continues to be, an asset to its community – bringing unmatched vision therapy services and helping thousands of patients improve their ability to acquire and process visual information. The practice was established in 1957 by Dr. John “Jack” Walesby, Sr., where he began doing vision therapy with one therapist and treated 4 to 6 therapy patients per day, in addition to providing comprehensive eye care for the entire family. He continued to do vision therapy throughout his career.

WVCHis son, Dr. Rob Walesby, joined him in 1992 and they moved to what is now the Tampa location. Dr. Walesby, Sr. retired in 2001 and in 2006, Dr. Thomas joined the practice and is now the Clinical Director of Therapy. The practice quickly outgrew one office location, and a branch office was opened in Lutz in January 2015 to help patients in the northern counties have access to therapy.

While the practice does offer full-scope eye care for the entire family, our doctors are pediatric specialists. And, they are Behavioral Optometrists meaning that they look at more than just the ability to get the patient to see 20/20, which is the ability to see clearly at distance (sight). While good sight is important it is not a clear indicator of how well the visual system is able to locate, acquire and process visual information to turn it into something meaningful (vision).

WVCThe doctors and therapists at Walesby Vision Center are dedicated to ensuring that every patient who enters our program achieves and maintains the best visual system they are capable of. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in vision therapy, we are able to help our patients work on depth perception, double vision, reading problems, and learning disabilities, just to name a few.

We have continued the tradition of providing the highest level of vision care possible, from glasses and contact lenses to vision therapy using a customized approach to each patient. And, our intentions are to continue to provide the best service that our community deserves.