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Thank you for helping me in vision therapy. Before vision therapy, I had a hard time concentrating because I couldn’t see the words and numbers in the books. They looked blurry and double, and it split in two. Now everything is clear and one. I am focusing better in school and doing my reading, and my math work is easier.

John, Age 10

We received a referral from a local optometrist to have our son’s visual system checked. Our son, Wesley (12), was identified as having BVD. As Dr. Walesby informed us about BVD, my husband grew unusually quiet. Later he told me that nearly everything he heard about Wesley & BVD reminded him so much about his own challenges in childhood that it was uncanny. Shortly, my husband Dave (45) was tested and also found to have significant BVD issues. If Dad had it, then it made sense to have both our daughters tested as well. Both our girls, Marissa (15) & Marina (9) were diagnosed with BVD — which meant there was a great likelihood that I had it too. Soon I, Rita (45) was tested and we became the BVD 5. Our experience of vision therapy over the next twelve months has transformed us as individuals and as a family.

Dr. Walesby has repeatedly taken time to fully answer all of our questions, educate us on BVD as well as explain therapy activities and their purpose. The Walesby staff has been friendly and efficient. Dr. Walesby and the office staff were instrumental in their support of the insurance process, engaging our insurance company with a few added letters as the negotiation for coverage continued.

Vision Therapy has changed our lives. It has become a gateway to our children’s futures that will no longer be inhibited by BVD but released to be the result of their own choices.

Rev. Dr. Rita Gardner Tweed, LHMC
Rev. Dr. David Gardner Tweed, LHMC
Marissa, Wesley, and Marina Tweed

The Tweed Family, Hudson, FL

The purpose of this letter quite simply is to say a big “thank you” to you and all your staff.  We have seen a huge improvement already in Julian’s visual skills with regard to his schoolwork, sports activities and everyday life. His reading is smooth, faster and he comprehends almost immediately.

His sports activities are all improved and we can see it especially in his soccer and hockey skills. Julian has always been a very happy child but frequently frustrated when it came to reading and improving his skills in most of the sports he played. We can still remember his reaction, “see Dad its not my fault”, after we finally knew that his issues were based on his vision skills.

We believe this last year will forever change Julian’s path in life.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clarke, The Villages, FL

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for our family. As you know, I brought Johnny to you when he was in 6th grade. We had gone through the public school system, getting him diagnosed with a learning disability. He was also diagnosed with dyslexia. I took him though an intense 1-week reading program. All of this extra work still did not seem to be letting Johnny achieve his full potential.

Johnny went through all three phases with you. After the first two phases I didn’t think that we needed the third phase but you felt very strongly that we should finish the treatment. I am so thankful you had us follow through.

With your help and God’s help Johnny has improved tremendously. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. Please let me know if I can ever be of help in talking to other potential patients. I know how desperate a family can feel when there doesn’t seem to have any hope. I can thank you enough for helping us through that time.

Sharon Ditwiler, Apollo Beach, FL

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you again. Learning of Sawyer’s vision problem this year was devastating news for us, but the positive energy and attitude in your office has given us great comfort. We feel very blessed and thankful that each of you have stepped into our little boy’s life. Your eagerness to encourage and nurture him is astounding, as well as your enthusiasm in taking extra time to educate the people in his life and our community. I am confident that you are impacting and changing lives each and every day. You have touched our lives in an extraordinarily special way. Please accept our most sincere thanks.

Dahnaitha Gray, Tampa, FL

Thank you for all your help during my time in therapy. Therapy has helped me see the chalkboard better. It has helped me read better. It has helped be to be a better student and I made all A’s on my report card for the first time ever.

Jace, Age 7, Lakeland, FL

I would like to thank all of you for the help you gave me during Vision Therapy. You were all so kind to me and made my experience a whole lot better. I don’t know how I could have made it without you guys! Hope to see you guys soon! Thanks again.

Max, Age 14, Tampa, FL

Thank you so much for improving my visual skills. I have really noticed the change in my work, school, sports, and even my two exams I just took today! Thank you so much! Happy Holiday and can’t wait to see you in January to touch-up all my madly-awesome skills!

Marie-Christine, Age 13, Land O' Lakes, FL

Vision Therapy has helped me with my reading and my writing. I like that I don’t get carsick or dizzy as much.

Paige, Age 8, Valrico, FL

V.T. has helped get rid of my headaches and nausea. Now I like to read. Mom says I’m learning quickly. Thank you for helping me.

Madeline, Age 7, Tampa, FL

Vision Therapy has helped me tremendously! I couldn’t catch a football before V.T. now I am almost better than my brother. V.T. has also helped me with Math. Before V.T. I could not even think about long division, now it is a snap. I can even do remainders! Since everything was so hard I would have emotional breakdowns almost every day. Along with the headaches I would need 13 hours of sleep every night. Now I go to bed at 9:30 or 10:00 and wake up at 8:00 or 8:30! I couldn’t thank you guys enough.

Ashleigh, Age 11, Gainesville, FL

Thank you for helping me with my eyes. My eyes feel very good right now after all the therapy I have done. If it wasn’t for your help, my family would always have to help me with my homework. Now I am more proud of myself. I feel like I can do it myself.

Victoria, Age 8, Brandon, FL

How Vision Therapy helped me: When I started vision therapy I was having trouble reading. I was seeing double and doing my homework was very hard and I did not like to do it. It look me a few phases of therapy, but after the third phase I was not seeing double any more. I worked really hard and it paid off! I now get better grades! Reading is still hard, but at least I can finish chapter books now; and pass the AR (Accelerated Reading) test. I still don’t like to do lots of homework, but it is easier now and takes me a lot less time. I am glad my mom made me go to vision therapy. I really like school now. If I had to rate therapy from 1-10; 10 being the best, I would rate it a 10! I had lots of fun! The only thing is that I am going to miss all of my therapist a bunch. Thank you for making it such a good time.

Rachel, Age 9, Tampa, FL