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V.T. has helped me with a lot of things, starting with reading and writing I’m the best in my class at 60th of those. And my eyes no longer hurt when I read or write. I also no longer have stomach aches in the car when I read or write. So that helped my health a lot. Also in batting when I played baseball, my average went from .000 to .429 so I have elevated a lot from Vision Therapy. I would like to thank my parents and the Doctors who worked for me. Thanks!

*Thanks to his hard work and a year of vision therapy at the Walesby Vision Center, Brennan also developed into a slugger in 2009. Brennan used hid unique open stance to hit.429 (2nd on the team) and his spectacular .667 OBA led the Pirates. Brennan was named to the 2009 East Bay Little League Farm All-Star team and got the win in EBLL’s only victory of the tournament. Seasion Hitting stats: 2009 Batting average: .429 2008 BA (before VT): .000

Brennan, Age 10, Riverview, FL